So, you're a cutting edge kind of person. You want the latest and greatest today, not tomorrow.  You went out and bought a 4K UHD-TV.  Now what?

  • How do you get 4K content to that beast? In my mind, you have two main choices.  

There's Netflix.  And, there's Amazon Instant Video. All other choices are either exclusive, proprietary, and extremely expensive. The choices of content on Netflix and Amazon are also extremely limited. But, it's early in the 4K game and that will change as more acaquire and demand the technology.

  • How do you take advantage of the improved sound capabilities?  You need to make 'sound' decisions.  

You basically have three choices when it comes to sound.  One, use the built-in TV speakers. Not the greatest solution. We all know any TV's built-in speakers are just barely OK. Two, you can buy a soundbar.  There are a number of high quality soundbars available.  You'll want to decide what your budget is, and do some research. Finally, three, you can purchase a multi-media receiver. This is what I would have called a stereo receiver, in the not too distant past, except today they provide surround sound capability and accept inputs from multiple audio and video sources, including your TV.

This last option is the choice I would recommend. If you're going to drop the money to buy state of the art television, you want the best sound you can get, too. Check out this excellent article by CNET's Geoffrey Morris. 

When you're ready contact Elbowman for assistance in setting up that home entertainment system.

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